Wizzes Mage's Guild

Wizzes is a squat circular building made of mortared white stones. It is located on green space on the edge of the Warehouse District, far from the water and distant from the city’s amenities. Originally, the building was a smithy, so there is a large fireplace and the interior walls are covered in soot. The current owner is Razzamazz the wizard and he has turned it into his personal mage’s guild.

The neighbour across the street is a pub called The Frontier. The neighbour on the east is an abandoned structure, and the neighbour on the west is a carpentry workshop.


Main room
The main room is an open chamber with a polished wood floor and four supporting pillars. A decorative darker wood runs north to south connecting the two exits to outside. There is a fireplace on the western wall. Next to it stands a solid harvest table which is the social hub of the guild. Not too far away is a kitchen furnished with the essentials only and a checkered floor for wizard chess. There are three adjoining rooms on the eastern side.

Closest to the north entrance is a small room with two oak tables, and a magical apparatus emitting a zone of silence.

The library is a room tightly packed with bookcases. The shelves are a little sparse, but there are one or two rare books in the collection. The wizards of the guild are also slowly publishing new tomes to add to it.

Teleport room
Closest to the south entrance is a room with a teleportation circle. It leads to Razzamazz’s personal pocket plane. Access to the teleportation circle is blocked by a blue magic barrier.

The property is enclosed by a 6 foot high stone wall, and is accessible from the front through a tall featureless iron gate.

In the back, there is a well, and some stone menhirs used in certain magical rituals.

Wizzes Mage's Guild

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