Save Agorn Arc


The Save Agorn Arc began when the group took an odd job to find Agorn, in the Jungles of Freeport. It brought them to an ancient dwarven temple in the woods, where they meet Tudark. Inside the temple, they find plenty of illusions of events past and traps they inevitably fall into. However, despite their bumbling they eventually find Agorn, who had been attacked by thugs. They heal him, and lead Agorn across the river via recently-repaired-rope-bridge, only to encounter three warriors yell, and dive into the river below them.

Deciding to investigate the boat that had been shipwrecked at the bottom of the waterfall, Agorn begins to get clearly excited and spills some information about a treasure in the area. Thoraro, transforms Agorn into a mindless thrall. This action disgusted Tudark.

Agorn then “reveals”, in a completely “voluntary way”, all of his secrets. He came to the jungle based on some ancient tale of treasure, which led him to the dwarven temple. He reveals that the sunken ship, found at the bottom of the ravine, holds the key to finding the treasure.

The group investigated the ship at the bottom of the ravine, only to fall into Bal’hreto‘s trap. After a long, drawn out battle with Bal’hreto, the group realizes that they were either transported to another plane, or that the battle was all a shared illusion. The only thing that persisted afterwards was the dagger — that Thoraro had used to deal the final blow on Bal’hreto — had remained pitch black.

Upon leaving the ship, with some treasure, they realized that a man,
Porteous “the Abandoner”, was standing on the shore. Thoraro, knowing Porteous from long before, eagerly welcomed him into the group. In Porteous’ thrist for knowledge, and souls, sucked Agorn’s soul into a soul gem. Agorn’s soul voice reveals no additional information about the treasure, except that it is definitely behind the waterfall… which had mysteriously stopped flowing.

The group inspects the waterfall cave only to find an altar where four evil spirits, Renaldo‘s ancestors sought for the group to perform some evil tasks in order to free them. The group briefly considered accomplishing these tasks, namely one to kill a sentient being (Tudark, in this case), but restrained themselves and left the area to return to Freeport, ignoring the spirits’ request, but not without having acquired some very rare relics from their unending bag of treasures: Porteous had been granted a rare soul gem with yet another unknown, but powerful soul locked within, Thoraro was given a book with magical inscription that only he could read, but this book has an entrancing effec—t upon him, and Renaldo received a very rare gem, a perfect addition to his collection of riches.

This ended the Save Agorn Arc. Not only did they not save Agorn, but they captured his soul where he will live on in Porteous “the Abandoner”’s pocket for all eternity.


  1. Renaldo Lafitte
  2. 緋村剣心 – Himura Kenshin
  3. Thoraro Larsen
  4. Porteous “the Abandoner”


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Save Agorn Arc

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