Landing in Freeport Arc


The Landing in Freeport began when the group was sailing towards Freeport. Upon arriving at Freeport, their ship was attacked by thugs and their guide was killed by his own demonic summon. Without a guide they settle into the city and begin taking small jobs in order to survive in the slightly expensive city of Freeport.

While investigating the Knorbertal case, they come into possession of an unidentified pewter ring, which Thoraro dons, beginning his slow descent into necromancy despite him not knowing it. After a case of being framed for murder, taking over the The Giant Counter and turning it into a brothel, everything that they had worked for literally burst into flames.

The The Giant Counter was lit afire during the night, and the group was forced deep into the sewers to escape. This led to many adventures, including encountering a minotaur family. They briefly considered turning the sewers into their new home, but left. Vowing to end all snake people who would get in their way, and to find a way out for the minotaur family. They have not yet gone back for the minotaur family.

The Landing in Freeport Arc ended when they left the sewers in an attempt to reclaim their rightful place in the city.


These are the characters that landed in Freeport on the boat.

  1. Dojo Brownlocke
  2. Takida Shikazu
  3. Bakir Akyildiz Ibn Azeez Ibn Hassan Al-Rashid
  4. Renaldo Lafitte
  5. Thoraro Larsen
  6. Senrial


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  2. Session 2
  3. Session 3
  4. Session 4
  5. Session 5
  6. Session 7
  7. Session 8

Landing in Freeport Arc

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