Divine War

The legend has it that The Divine War occurred some time before the founding of Freeport, when the lands were scattered and the populations were small.

The Gods of Magic fought against the Destroyer Gods, in an attempt to eradicate their enemies once and for all and secure influence over the world. The war was mostly evenly fought until the betrayal of Necritus when he provided Hedonite the Staff of Derilium, a powerful magical artifact capable of sealing a god’s power away.

Hedonite let the other Gods of Magic in a secret attack on the Destroyer Gods and sealed away Glaron, their leader, in a soul shard.

The remaining Destroyer Gods fled to unknown planes of existence and have not been seen since that day. It is said that Hedonite, fearing what he may do with the power that was stored in the soul shard brought the soul shard to the human world and entrusted his most devout priest Raphael with it.

Many believe that Glaron‘s soul shard remains imprisoned in the catacombs of Hedonite’s cathedral in Freeport.

Divine War

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