Destroyer Gods

The “Destroyer Gods” were a group of divine entities that were forced into exile after the Divine War. It is said that they were a small group of the smartest, and strongest demigods.

  1. Glaron, their leader
  2. Fiasis, known for her forgiveness
  3. Rikra, known for her vengeful attitude
  4. Elo, known for his control over the elements
  5. Necritus, known for his control over death
  6. Godbus, known for his control over life

It is written that they sought to destroy the 12 seats of power by sealing away the Plane of Mythos, and end the eternal contest of power.

Only one major event is known from the Divine War, and it is that betrayed the Destroyer Gods, and handed their most powerful artifact over to the seated Gods of Magic. This action ultimately cost the Destroyer Gods the war, led to the capture of Glaron and gave Necritus an opportunity to seize the School of Necromancy seat.

Destroyer Gods

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