Session 19

Return to the Giant Counter Inn


Bakir’s note leads the group to the Merchant District.

  • The group read the note. It cedes all GCI assets to a certain Wilmore Huntington.
  • Kenshin and Thoraro have a heart to heart about killing Roger. Kenshin will keep an eye on Thoraro.
  • Wilmore Huntington came to the GCI about 3 weeks ago and offered Sam Adams a job at the Red Dragon Inn.
  • Thoraro, Kenshin and Renaldo make their way to the Merchant District to hunt down Wilmore and the Red Dragon Inn.
  • Thoraro buys a new Silk Suit at Finesilks, and learns of the location of the Red Dragon Inn
  • The Trio makes their way to the Red Dragon Inn, which they’re told is a fancy inn for fancy people. Thoraro is the lord, with Kenshin as the GF. Renaldo is hired elf muscle.
  • Attempting to get an audience with Wilmore, they raise too many alarm bells. The City Watch shows up to escort them outside.
  • Miffed, the group debates the merits of burning the place down, in Iossuth’s name of course. Choosing another option, they track down the Red Dragon’s supplies of fine Dwarven Whiskey.
  • Renaldo and thoraro steal Dwarven Whiskey from a delivery cart, a shipment meant for the Red Dragon Inn
  • Kenshin follows a the cart to a ship named the Hollow Gem.
  • The BN comes in to the GCI to get money from Bakir, they get fucked up.
  • When questioning a BN henchman, Thoraro goes too far and pushes Kenshin to step in.
  • Thoraro and Kenshin go head to head. Thoraro leaves, angrier than ever. “I will do things my own way”.
  • At the end of the day, Kenshin wonders if this is the right group for him. The leader and friend he looked up to is now just another murderer roaming Freeport. Himura Battousai, disappointed and frustrated, disappears in the night…


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