Thoraro Larsen

A half-elven merchant who has lost everything


Thoraro Larsen is a half-elven merchant hailing from the Eastern Continent, home to the Eastern Elves. He is known to be popular with the ladies, and is known for making sometimes brash executive decisions when it comes to the direction of the group.

His career is currently in the dumps. He was once a well respected merchant for the Dalin Trade Company, but since his arrival in Freeport his trade business has failed miserably. His big chance at success came in the form of a failed inn development. He entered into a business arrangement with Samual Adams to run the The Giant Counter. However, due to his group’s run-ins with the local organized crime group, The Blackened Knot, the inn was lost in a fire. The inn, in his absence, has been rebuilt but the current status of the business arrangement is unknown.

To make matters worse, he has been cursed by an unidentified pewter ring that he wears on his left hand’s ring finger. It has given him powers that he does not understand, that allows him to animate skeletons and sense evil, magical presences. His powers, however, come at a price. His body has been almost entirely corrupted; his skin has turned an un-healthy shade of grey and his eyes now glow red.

He currently wields the Heartpierce dagger.

Apperance Notes

  • He’s half-elven, so his ears are a little pointy. No other elvish traits are obvious.
  • He has a somewhat lanky build.
  • He has a nice scar in the chest from a crossbow wound. He forgets when this occurred, but the ladies always find it impressive.
  • He has a crazy scar in the fleshy part of the shoulder from a stone crossbow bolt wound.
  • He was shot with a stone crossbow bolt to the knee. It pierced the knee and has left a big wound.
  • He wears gloves and buttons his cloak up to cover his chest. Beyond his face, there is no exposed flesh.
  • Corruption: Below the clothing, his skin is completely corrupted and is very greyish. Medical men would consider it to be rot, of sorts.

Early Years

Thoraro Larsen is the bastard child of Kavil Kethkor, the high priest of the Eastern Elves. His human mother, Arilado Larsen, died when he was 10, killed by assassins sent by his father in an attempt to eliminate any evidence of his indiscretions. Upon seeing the assassins murder his mother before his eyes, the young Thoraro used a small knife to defend himself and managed to kill both of them.

A few days later, a passing merchant noticed an odd smell emanating from a roadside house. He stopped to investigate and found a young Thoraro, completely covered in blood, stabbing the rotting corpse of one of the assassins.

Out of pity, the merchant took Thoraro in and raised him as his own. Thoraro now runs the merchant’s business abroad and sought to grow the Dalin Trade Company’s empire.

Thoraro does not remember much of his past; but that day is burned into his memory. He will never forget, nor will he ever forgive his father.

Merchant Days

The merchant that raised Thoraro taught him all of the tools of the trade, in an effort to turn him into the heir of the Dalin Trade Company, a humble trading company from the Eastern Continent. Thoraro was primarily responsible for sourcing, and negotiating deals on behalf of the company. His half-elven lineage opened doors to him that the rest of the human-run company could not access.

To complete his training as a merchant, he was sent to Dakir to apprentice with the merchant’s right hand man. With his days busy negotiating deals, he spent his nights in taverns where he met Porteous “the Abandoner”. They quickly became good friends.

Once his training was complete, Thoraro was expected to travel to Freeport, the hub of trade in the area, and secure trade deals that would secure the company’s future. Upon his return to the Eastern Continent, Thoraro is expected to take over the business.

A Dabbling Musician

Upon arriving in Freeport, he began to learn how to play the mandolin. He does not consider himself good, but has mastered a few songs from different lands that are fairly uplifting to his companions in battle.

Later, he spent some time with the traveler Tudark and learned how to play a Deadly Staccato.

Losing Control and Necromancy

Thoraro’s musical and trade career has unfortunately been overshadowed by his dark personality. Despite having a fairly dark history, Thoraro had always been a whimsical man. This all began to change when he obtained a mysterious pewter ring, when traveling through Freeport. He decided to wear it and immediately regretted it.

He realized that he could not remove it, and that his skin had begun to change colours. However, he also realized that he was now capable of performing some strange, dark magic that he did not truly understand.

Despite not knowing, or understanding anything about Necromancy, Thoraro suddenly became capable of using necromantic magic. He does not spend time training in necromancy, but instead gains new powers as he continues to draw upon the ring’s powers.

The magic, despite powerful, slowly consumes and corrupts his body. To date, his skin changed colours, his eyes began to glow red, and his personality has changed from the whimsical, happy man that he was to what he is today.

Although the dark magic has cost Thoraro much, he cannot return to the weakling that he once was. He will never return and will stop anyone who gets in his way.

Thoraro Larsen

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