Bartemel "Striker" Ignirasil


Family History

The Ignirasil are a family of pure elves with an unbroken lineage tracing back to a time before humans. The family’s namesake is a towering fir tree with fiery coloured needles. Ignirasil embroidery is rife with images of these botanical wonders for which the family consider themselves caretakers.

They live as they always have in a northern realm called Illivaris, close to the world’s pole. There, the skies alternate with the seasons between perpetual sunlight and darkness.

The family’s legacy was largely unremarkable until Bartemel’s grandfather Theodemar campaigned with Kixx on [a grand adventure with a world-changing result]. In Illivaris, Theodemar is a local hero and his family is treated with respect. Outside of Illivaris, people familiar with the heros of the [grand adventure] recognize Theodemar as “that red-haired elf who flies and has mind control powers.”


Bartemel grew up in a large family. As in Illivari tradition, every child in the family was trained in the art of elven swordplay. Bartemel had a ready supply of siblings to duel. They all practiced botany like the Ignirasil before them. Older siblings journeyed to the extremities of the land to care for the trees on the fringe, but everyone always returned home.

Bartemel stood out as clever and inventive for his efficiency contributing to the family unit— the river is far away, didn’t anyone else think of putting up rain barrels? This is significant because the hero Kixx would attain the rank of archmage and return to Illivaris, his homeland, to continue magic. He petitioned his old pal, Bartemel’s grandfather, for one of five apprentices. Bartemel was the obvious choice.

You can count on one hand all the archmages in the world. Bartemel and his peers had one as their personal tutor. They learned the history of magic, cantrips, illusions, how to wield implements. Bartemel discovered through practice that his implement of choice was the curved elven blade. It was as complete of a magic education as you can expect over a decade with a grandmaster.

One day, with all students gathered for a lesson, Kixx’s casting failed. Bartemel saw the archmage’s perplexed expression turned to fear. “I should not have taken apprentices. Forgive me my students for bringing upon you this danger.” Bartemel could not comprehend the epic magic that was cast in that instant, but with dizzying speed the students were one by one sucked into different portals.
Bartemel appeared far to the south, near Freeport and has no idea to this day was became of archmage Kixx or his family.

Early Career

Bartemel spent the first two years of his adventuring career finding his footing in Freeport. The first night in the city, he offered to Burning Hands some rats in a cellar in exchange for a place to sleep. While in Freeport, he discovered a mercenary company called Edgefont willing to give him work. Every mercenary in Edgefont used an alias, so he followed suit and called himself Striker. Working with Edgefont mercenaries, he picked up a few things, such as basic monster aspects, party tactics and Freeport’s latest male fashion.

Early on, adjusting to life in a city, Bartemel also joined a small upstart mage’s guild for a taste of home. The guild, Wizzes, is a splinter from the city’s official mage guild. The eccentric founder, Razzamaz, wanting to distance himself from business and politics, hoped to form a group with like-minded mages. This philosophy appealed to Bartemel, who has no experience in either business or politics. By joining Wizzes, he hoped to make some friends and maybe discover the fate of Kixx and the other students. Bartemel spends the majority of his downtime at Wizzes, practicing magic with friends, just hanging out and writing a book on magic.

“Striker” is currently on mission for House Lelland. His task is to dispel a source of necromantic magic.

Points of interest

Bartemel has an older sister named Cignalia Ignirasil. She is the best sword-fighter in the family and is on an adventuring quest to find her little lost brother.

Razzamaz is a powerful wizard, but no archmage. He tried to teleport Bartemel back to Illvaris but the spell failed. In doing so, they discovered an arcane lock attached to Bartemel. The arcane lock prevents teleportation, voluntary or otherwise. It also hides the target from scrying magic. Razzamaz believes that when Bartemel is powerful enough, he can open the arcane lock, to be freed from its protections and also read a message from Kixx hidden inside.

Bartemel "Striker" Ignirasil

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