Samual Adams

Portly fella in the employ of Bakir


Is a very proficient brewer.



Is running the day-today operations of Giant Counter Inn, and also brews all beers he serves.

He used to be the sole owner of the GCI, but when the local gangs became too much, he deferred ownership to Bakir. For the most part Bakir stays out of his way and pays him on time.

And while Sam doesn’t fully agree with changing the business model to include prostitutes, he can’t complain about the influx of cash it has brought in.

More recently, Bakir has had some problems with Bakir. He was not paid for several weeks and was very worried about the state of affairs. Bakir had stolen a prostitute from the Blackened Knot, who turned out to be a Succubus.

Samual Adams

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