Porteous "the Abandoner"

Formerly the school of Minamo's top apprentice, now disgraced...


Owes his name to the fact that he ran off from the Minamo school of elemental magic. Once regarded as the top student in his class, his constant obsession for learning and collecting all manners of things, but especially souls led to a major disagreement between the headmaster and Porteous. He shortly thereafter abandoned his studies after stealing 5 rare soul gems. One of these was filled with a mysterious soul that he has yet to identify.

He is a known villain across the School of Elemental Magic’s network of disciples and allies and he is ceaselessly hunted by its members for his crimes and deviancy.

Little does he know of the value in his major soulstone.

Porteous also has an alterior motive for his travels to Freeport: A great shaman by the name of Ragusa. Once an elder at the Minamo Academy and Porteous’ personal tutor, Ragusa left the school long ago in search of taming the Great Beasts. Before he left, he instructed a young Porteous to “Seek me out in Freeport when you learn of the Minamo Elders’ treachery and I will show you the true power of Mother Nature.” Porteous looks to find his former master and acquire the powers of natural magic. His ultimate desire from this knowledge: to find a way to rejuvinate his old and brittle bones so he may find the key to eternal life.

Early History

Porteous was orphaned at an early age and has very little memory of his birth parents, save for a few mental snapshots of his parents and a hazy image of an older brother that has since become faded in his older years. He wandered aimlessly for most of his youth, acquiring street smarts as he begged and stole on the streets of Dakir, a western trading port. It was here that he met a young Thoraro Larsen, a member of a great merchant family and the two became good friends. One morning, Porteous was caught stealing his breakfast from a peasant farmer by the Dakir Port Authority and was chased and cornered into an alley, where he faced certain imprisonment, were it not for a mage of the Minamo school of elements who witnessed the commotion and took pity upon the boy. The mage rescued the young Porteous from his fate and brought him before the magistrates of the school, where it was determined that Porteous would become a pupil under the tutelage of the mage, Ragusa.

Ragusa taught everything he knew to Porteous, who learned quickly how to wield the power of the elements. Upon seeing Porteous’ skill and speed at acquiring magical power, Ragusa reported to the Minamo Elders that the boy could be the prophesized reincarnation of the schools founder, the legendary Alhammaret, Lord of Elements. However, much to Ragusa’s surprise, the Elders dismissed him and set out to have the young boy murdered in secret, as the return of Alhammaret would mean that the Elders would have to relinquish their control of the school. Disgusted, Ragusa informed Porteous of this plot and compelled him to leave the school, but not before handing Porteous a soul gem with the highest order of souls stored within it, the “Jewel of Minamo”. Ragusa also left the school to pursue Nature Magic, and instructed Porteous to meet him in Freeport when the boy was ready to become a master of nature.

Porteous "the Abandoner"

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