Kavil Kethkor

The high priest of the Eastern Elves, father of Thoraro Larsen


Kavil Kethkor is the father of Thoraro Larsen, and high priest of the Eastern Elves, a deeply religious group of elves.

Kavil (132 at the time) had taken a vow of celibacy and held true to his word since birth, until he met a human woman named Arilado Larsen (18 at the time). Despite only being together for a few days, Arilado became pregnant and mothered a young boy who she called Thoraro.

Ten years later, when Arilado Larsen reached out to Kavil, he was repulsed. A man of his standing could not be seen with a bastard child, and dispatched assassins to kill both the boy and the mother.


Kavil Kethkor

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