*KIA* Young Criminal


He’s young, about twenty, with pinched features and an irritating smirk. He has thin brown hair and a long nose. His eyes are beady and he has a foul swollen blister on his bottom lip. He wears a stained brown shirt, black breeches torn on one knee, and decaying shoes on his feet.

He’s also dead. So probably rotting.


Aporcus Beedle’s short life was a series of squandered opportunities. A young man, no older than 13, he was kicked out of the Freeport Institute for behavior unbefitting a student—and given how the faculty is quick to turn a blind eye to the more illicit activities of their students, his transgression must have been severe. Having little family in Freeport, his aunt, Delinda Knorbertal—a famed wizard, adventurer, and talented alchemist—offered to take him in as her apprentice. Having few other options, Beedle agreed.


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