The Timeskip

  1. Summary

After completing the The Great History of The Lellands Arc, the crew split up for roughly eight months.

During the break:

Update from the Freeport Taverns

During this time, the City of Freeport remains a bustling center of activity and trade. Most people seem to be concentrating on making the next gold piece and are generally happy with those in power. There have been few political scandals, and of those, none worth discussing.

The Governor is organizing the bi-annual Freeport Treasure Hunt, which is sure to bring in adventurers from across the world.

There are increasing amounts of stories and tall tales surrounding necromancy. It’s usually a favorite topic among drunks and wives, but nowadays multiple people are being accused of Necromancy and are subsequently hung every month. It’s become everybody’s favourite way of getting rid of opponents, burdening the courts with mock accusations. On any given day a dozen individuals across Freeport are charged with Necromancy and have bounty placed on their heads. The Governor has spoken to a recent assembly and reassured everyone that Necromancy is not on the rise, that the Freeport Authorities have simply gotten better at weeding them out.

The Timeskip

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