The Great History of The Lellands Arc


The group returns to Freeport after the Save Agorn Arc.

After brief training sessions, and maybe a short montage 緋村剣心 – Himura Kenshin, Thoraro Larsen, Porteous “the Abandoner”, and Renaldo Lafitte, accompanied by Tudark return to the city. Without much sense of direction, they return to Scurvytown where the The Giant Counter once lay. However, rather than finding the smouldering ruins of the inn, they find Bakir Akyildiz Ibn Azeez Ibn Hassan Al-Rashid leading a group of followers.

After reuniting with their friend, they spend time in the city spending their hard-earned treasure from the jungle. Kenshin has some blacksmithing work commissioned, where he will improve his sword, while the rest spend time identifying and purchasing equipment. Thoraro’s dagger begins to speak to him, but he remains quiet about this fact.

While the other members of his party reunite with their old friend, Porteous sneakily lures one of Bakir’s disciples with the promise of bringing him to see the apostle’s revered God. He convinces the disciple to be captured into a soul gem under the guise of being transported to see the Fire God, who has beckoned the man to appear before him. Porteous’ motive for this act remains a mystery…

One day, one of the couriers from the House Lelland reach out to the group and request their audience during the evening of the same day. Upon going, they are tasked with investigating missing staff members and murders within the crypt. They rapidly discover that the crypt is rigged with traps, and find a trapped individual (Bartemel “Striker” Ignirasil) who they then free.

They progressed slowly through the crypt, terrified of being caught in a trap much like Striker was. After mapping out the entire crypt, and realizing that the bottom floor was comprised of five rooms for the Uncle, the Mother, the Child, the Cousin, and finally Augustus Leland. In fear of the dark energies that were in the final chamber, they group decided to explore the smaller rooms.

They started with the Mother, who they defeated completely by crushing her with the lid of a sarcophagus. They then went to defeat the child, the uncle and then finally the cousin. The cousin, being the most aware of the dark energies controlling him, spoke with the group. In the end, they defeat Leeroy Augustus Lelland and claim the prize for clearing necromancy in the crypt.

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  1. 緋村剣心 – Himura Kenshin
  2. Renaldo Lafitte
  3. Porteous “the Abandoner”
  4. Bakir Akyildiz Ibn Azeez Ibn Hassan Al-Rashid (As NPC)
  5. Thoraro Larsen
  6. Bartemel “Striker” Ignirasil

The Great History of The Lellands Arc

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