Once upon a time, known as “Beedle’s Dagger”, this dagger that was found on the streets of Freeport was used to eliminate a sinister being known as Bal’hreto by stabbing it in the heart. When the dagger was removed from the heart of Bal’hreto, it became completely black.

This dagger isn’t all that remarkable to look at, a wavy-bladed knife that’s black as coal. The blade is chipped and looks to be in bad shape. It looks like it’s been used to pry open a lock, or maybe a rum bottle once too many times. Despite its drab look, the blade is infused with powers stronger than most mortals can withstands. Its seductive whispers promise power and glory. Its thirst is great and seeks ever stronger opponents to defeat.


Gaining new Ichor allows the blade to be sated for a while. You may ignore Thirst and Seductive Evil for the next month.


Whenever in combat, the blade whispers to its owner. It wants blood. On your turn, if in melee range of any living opponent you must attack them with the dagger. Beat WIS 2 to resist.

Life Drinker

Twice per session, whenever it strikes a living creature, it causes the effects of cause exhaustion as the necromancy spell. This damage is in addition to damage dealt by the weapon.

Demon Caller

The dagger becomes a splendid implement for demon summoning rituals. Spilling the blood of an innocent with the blade allows the holder to open a gateway to infernal entities.

Seductive Evil

The weapon is wicked, spawned from the dark sorceries of the Mazin fiend-binders. Each day the weapon remains in the character’s possession, he must succeed on a Good (+3) Wisdom based overcome action or be forced to commit a loathsome or vile act as determined by the Narrator (or gain Corruption Φ) .


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