Session 19
Return to the Giant Counter Inn


Bakir’s note leads the group to the Merchant District.

  • The group read the note. It cedes all GCI assets to a certain Wilmore Huntington.
  • Kenshin and Thoraro have a heart to heart about killing Roger. Kenshin will keep an eye on Thoraro.
  • Wilmore Huntington came to the GCI about 3 weeks ago and offered Sam Adams a job at the Red Dragon Inn.
  • Thoraro, Kenshin and Renaldo make their way to the Merchant District to hunt down Wilmore and the Red Dragon Inn.
  • Thoraro buys a new Silk Suit at Finesilks, and learns of the location of the Red Dragon Inn
  • The Trio makes their way to the Red Dragon Inn, which they’re told is a fancy inn for fancy people. Thoraro is the lord, with Kenshin as the GF. Renaldo is hired elf muscle.
  • Attempting to get an audience with Wilmore, they raise too many alarm bells. The City Watch shows up to escort them outside.
  • Miffed, the group debates the merits of burning the place down, in Iossuth’s name of course. Choosing another option, they track down the Red Dragon’s supplies of fine Dwarven Whiskey.
  • Renaldo and thoraro steal Dwarven Whiskey from a delivery cart, a shipment meant for the Red Dragon Inn
  • Kenshin follows a the cart to a ship named the Hollow Gem.
  • The BN comes in to the GCI to get money from Bakir, they get fucked up.
  • When questioning a BN henchman, Thoraro goes too far and pushes Kenshin to step in.
  • Thoraro and Kenshin go head to head. Thoraro leaves, angrier than ever. “I will do things my own way”.
  • At the end of the day, Kenshin wonders if this is the right group for him. The leader and friend he looked up to is now just another murderer roaming Freeport. Himura Battousai, disappointed and frustrated, disappears in the night…


New NPCs

Involved Players

Involved NPCs


Session 18
Return to the Giant Counter Inn


Bakir is in over his head, he’s fucking a succubus.

  • The group decided to help Bakir take care of the Blackened Knot threat.
  • Bakir rescued Ashea, a ’tute from the BN, some months ago, beaten and bloodied.
  • Ashea is a succubus who seduced Bakir.
  • A chest full of gold was stolen about 3 weeks ago.
  • Sam Adams hasn’t been paid since the theft.
  • The group spied on Bakir and saw Ashea forcing Bakir to write a note, it was picked up at the end of the session on Roger’s corpse.
  • Ashea was killed by Renaldo and Kenshin when attempting to flee.

New NPCs

Involved Players

Involved NPCs


Session 17
Time Skip

Little bit of a time skip! About 8 months elapses.

Session 16
The Crypt

Battle of the bands with the Cousin!

And the final showdown with Leeroy.

Session 15
The Crypt

Deciphering riddles and disarming traps, the group confronts the Mother.

Nice big battle ensues.

Then Dealing with a child, and dueling the Uncle.

Session 14
The Crypt

Go into Leland crypt level 3, fight some skellies.

Session 13
Back to Freeport

The group makes its way back to Freeport.

They join up with Bakir, who now has a following, has rebuilt the Giant Counter Inn and murdered a necromancer. Bakir’s ego is out of control, something Thoraro deals with.

They do a bunch of errands in town (buy stuff, identify stuff, etc.)

Soon after their return, a cloaked figure approaches them and offers them an interesting job opportunity. the lead of House Leland wishes to dine with them tonight.

Arriving at the Leland Manor, the group finds out they were invited under false pretense. They are asked to complete a job: clear the crypts of the necromantic magic that holds it hostage.

In need of cash and prestige, the group agrees and goes down inside the crypt level 1 and 2.

Session 12

The group enters the shipwreck and descends into the darkness below.

Inside they find a spirit. It warns them of dangers ahead.

The shipwreck is angled, and the lowest part is submerged in water. The torches are bright enough to illuminate glittering gold in the water. Renaldo steps in and the whole group is instantly teleported to a limbo world.

In this limbo they fight Bal’Hreto.

Bal’Hreto’s defeat bring our group back into the central plane of existence. The spirit thanks them and disappears.

Coming out of the shipwreck, the group notices the middle part of Angels Falls has disappeared and that a figure is waving at them from the beach.

Session 11

Once the rope bridge is repaired, the group makes its way towards the bottom of the basin. Agorn promises this is where they’ll find riches.

On the way over, the group encounters a trio of warrior dwarves chasing a giant snake. They steer clear.

Trudging onward on this small beaten path they come to a small encampment. No one’s home. Thoraro steals a bunch of crispy fish.

The path leads downwards, towards a beach. On the beach, they find a local jungle dweller who “agrees” to lend them his skiff after Thoraro convinces him.

They take the skiff to the shipwreck in the middle of the basin. On it, Thoraro questions Agorn extensively. So extensively that he bends and breaks something in Agorn’s mind.

Somewhat satisfied with Agorn’s answer that what they seek is inside the shipwreck, they head below deck.

Session 10
The Rundown

Following the destruction of the local population of kobold and snakemen, the gang follows the only path leading to an old crumbling temple.

Before making their way inside, they meet a joly Orc bard by the name of Tudark. He agrees to help the group for his fair share of the Treasure once Thoraro persuades him.

Inside the temple, tentacle rape traps prove to be too much for Himura Kenshin.
Renaldo causes no end of trouble, triggering an old magic vision.

A few shenanigans later, they find Agorn, son of Groden Humblefist. Who tells them that he knows the location of an ancient treasure.

They make their way out of the temple, bent on repairing an old broken rope bridge with newly found supplies.


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