A treasure seeker who got in too deep.


A 5’7" Human of average looks.


A treasure seeker who got in too deep.

Borrowing from the Blackened Knot to fund his “greatest” expedition yet, Agorn set out for Angel’s Falls in search of old buried treasure (already late in his repayment plan).

After weeks of trekking in the jungle he found the ruins he was seeking. He was surprised that night by members of the Blackened Knot looking for their payment.

He fled into the nearest temple. The thugs, decidedly unnerved by the screams inside, decided to wait him out.

The group finally met up with a bloody Agorn some days later in the bowels of the temple. Taking him out, they defeated the thugs who were still waiting.

Following Agorn’s wishy washy directions, the group decided to seek out his treasure.

Some time later, Thoraro, while questioning Agorn, took it too far and broke something in his mind.

A mindless slave, Agorn followed Thorarofor a few hours until Porteous decided to “Acquire” him in one of his soul stones.


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