Session 4

Day 6

Wait, where’s day 5? Ah yes, spent in jail! Let’s back up a little, here’s the end of Day 4.

Everyone is taken to jail until matters are sorted out. While there weren’t many witnesses, it’s hard to argue against a demon summoning ritual. The group explains how they were not the murderers, how this man in white orchestrated this scheme. The Watch believes them, if only to resolve matters as quickly as possible. Demon summoning is taken seriously, and it seems O’Takan’s fate is sealed.

The Watch isn’t too happy about the commotion this causes. They have enough to deal with, what with the freak storm still hitting Freeport. The Captain of the Watch, Commissioner Holliver, doesn’t take too long to make his way to the Guardsman Facilities. Demon magic isn’t something to be lazy about, and he’ll be damned if he’ll let current events stop him from skinning this demon summoner. As he’s making his way to the Fortress, he can still see carts of dead prostitutes and homeless people being pulled by draft horses. These damn idiots, you’d think they’d known cold can kill.

In tow, he’s got what he calls his Magic Man. The man insists his name is Portobello, but Holliver won’t have any of that. He disdains magic and magic users with a passion that is rarely matched by anything else. But in this kind of crazy world, how can he do his job without some recourse to magic?

Annoying as he might be, this Magic Man will be able to tell if the incarcerated group of misfits were at all implicated in the ritual. Something about residual energy and some other nonsense. Not to mention that they’re wanted for murder. But something smells fishy, a roving band of five idiots couldn’t possibly have all been a part of those murders.

The day is young, but he feels it in his bones, someone will hang by the end of it.

While in jail, our companions pass the time by yelling at the guards that they’re innocent and by talking to other inmates. Looking around the cell, Thoraro finds a piece of parchment hidden under one of the straw beds. The parchment seems to have been ripped out of a book and reads:

10 Things Everyone Should Know about Freeport
If you’re thinking about visiting Freeport, there are a few things you should know if you value your coins, your life, and maybe even your soul. Leave it to ol’ Pious Pete; I’ll get you around safely.

Put your purse near your jewels. Freeport is notorious for thievery, and many people lose their fortunes within three steps of the boat that carried them here. Stick your valuables in places no thief would go.
Mind your manners. Don’t like half-orcs? Keep it to yourself. Say the wrong thing, and you’re bound to lose a few teeth. Say it twice, and you’ll be lucky to escape with your life.
Use small coins. You might have a lot of money, but you won’t for long if you’re not careful. Pay for everything in the smallest coins possible, within reason. Don’t pay for a sword in pennies: haul out a thousand copper bits, and you’ll get kicked into the gutter.
Keep your eyes on your shoes. Gaping about is a sure way to get robbed, stabbed, raped, or all three.
If you’re lost, look for the walls. Freeport doesn’t have any conveniences like signs—most folks can’t read anyway. The best landmark is the Old City Walls. You can’t miss them. If they’re in front of you, you’re in the Docks; behind you, you’re in Drac’s End; to the east, you’re in the Merchant District; to the west, you’re either in the Eastern District or about to enter a world of pain (that’s Scurvytown or Bloodsalt if yer not paying attention).
The Watch doesn’t give a damn. The Freeport Watch is a sorry excuse for law enforcement. You feel you’ve been wronged? Get over it. The Watch doesn’t care one whit for your troubles.
The Sea Lord’s in charge. The current Sea Lord is a woman, but you don’t want to mess with her. Her word is law, and that’s all you need to know.
Stay out of Bloodsalt. Unless you’re an orc or goblin, don’t go here. You’re going to ignore this advice, but consider yourself warned.
Avoid the Scurvytown Prostitutes. The Docks aren’t much better, but odds are that except for the few coins you spent there, you’ll come away with everything you brought with you.
Don’t trust anyone, except me, of course.

It takes a full day before a guard comes back to their cells to tell them they’ve been declared innocent by the Commissioner. Though they are told their likeness has been recorded, should they ever get in trouble again, they can expect a much harsher treatment.

Once they’ve got their belongings back, the gang steps outside and realizes that it’s already night. They make their way to the Three Legged Stagg to sleep off the horrors they saw in the Tombs, as called by the guards and the other inmates.

Day 7

Tis’ a new day! While the gusts of wind are still cold enough to feel unpleasant, it seems the violent storm that hit Freeport is now over. Senrial has gotten a protection detail job through Regis and invites the rest of the group to partake. During the job, they are attacked by members of the Blackened Knot, who aren’t too happy that they’re demolishing one of their hideouts.

A battle ensues, a few thugs die and surprisingly, a few decide to accept Senrial as their new leader and convert to Iossuthism. Senrial sends them back to the Three Legged Stag to await orders from Regis.

Day 8

After their brief encounter with a prominent gang of Freeport, the group decides that it’s time they kicked it in high gear. They decide to find a suitable place to take over. That’s right, our gang is turning to crime, and into, you know, an actual gang! To their surprise, it seems as though the perfect inn falls into their lap. The Giant Counter, owned and operated by Samuel Adams, is in dire need of new leadership.

After spilling the beans, and going in great detail about just how pathetic his life is, Sam decides that his entrepreneurial spirit has left him. The gang proposes to take over the inn, but retain Sam as the day-to-day manager and bartender. Sam agrees, as long as he gets paid 2 skulls per week and is given room and board. Seeing as the inn only has six functional rooms, someone’s going to have to double up with Sam. This is also when Sam decides it’s a good time to tell them that he’s been paying three gangs for “protection” money. The Blackened Knot, the Eastside Kings and the Scruvytown Cung Bags all come to the Giant Counter every week to get their dues, totalling a whopping 5 Lords per week.

In fact, he says, the Eastside Kings are due to come tomorrow. The gang decides to wait around and ambush the thugs when they show up. Everything goes splendidly, a few thugs die and a few are questioned and then killed. The gang leanrs that the Eastside Kings and the Blackened Knot have some type of business relationship when it comes to drugs. The Knot sells them drugs in large quantities and the Kings sell the dope around Freeport.

An exchange is supposed to happen tonight, says one of the bloodied thugs, at one of the wharves.

The gang decides it’s a GREAT idea to disrupt this exchange without too much preparation. Dojo and Takida make their way to the ship in question by navigating the wooden beams supporting the docks, while Senrial, made invisible by Bakir, follows the group of Kings headed to the Blackened Knot ship.

During the exchange, the trio decides to attack. Taken by surprise, a few of the Kings are cut down, but the Knot thugs are less easily surprised. Always on the lookout for trouble, a few riflemen start shooting at Senrial, who decides to charge all of them.

Meanwhile, Bakir and Thoraro are hiding in a ship at the other end of the dock, and see a group of guards running towards the sound of battle.

Senrial, feeling braver than intelligent, decides that he should take on all these Knot thugs by himself, very nearly getting killed. Swiss cheese would be a good way to describe him after he’s sliced open the last rifleman.

Seeing the guards coming toward the ship, Dojo decides to hide and has enough time to grab the coin pouch that was used to pay for the drugs. Takida and Senrial are less lucky. Knowing the guards are coming, they decide to play the victim and tie themselves up inside the ship.

The guards arrive and take stock of the scene in front of them. A recently sliced and shot Senrial is tied to a wooden beam inside the cabin. Several corpses are still twitching on the ship, with a few on the docks. As always, and following their strict protocol, the guards take both Senrial and Takida to the Tombs to be detained until the whole mess is sorted out.


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