Session 5

Day 9
Bakir files MIA report on Senrial and Takida.

Bakir Preaches on the street corner (Rolls 5 CHA).

Day 10
Bakir bribes Guards to finally speak to a man in charge, gets both of them out of jail.
– Attack Blackened Knot, steal hookers

Day 11
Beautify and hookerize the Giant Counter Inn.

Day 12
Find out Sam Adams brews an AMAZING beer. Cost to make a barrel 10 Lords + 50 Lords Equipment.

Day 13
Not much happens, the two converted thugs are set a bouncers for the inn.

Day 14 & 15
Stake out potential protection racket stores.

The gang follows a group of Cuntbags McGee thugs attempting to get “protection money” from the General Store.

The group violently murders them in front of the owner, who freaks out. Thoraro calms the old lady down, and creates the foundation for a strong relationship.

The group also stakes out the next place: The Frothy Dragon Inn, owner Gordy. The gang sees a group of Black Knot thugs going in, they go after them and fuck em up.

The owner agrees to paying protection money so long as actual protection is given. They give Bakir a summoning stone, he will be called when the owners are in trouble.


Boby Boby

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