Session 3

Day 4

The day starts as it usually does, bright and early. The storm that has been raging since the group got to Freeport is not showing any signs of abating. Despite comments from the locals that a storm like this has almost never been seen in Freeport, our adventurers sit at a table and order a breakfast of honey mead and discuss their next steps.

While discussing, the Three Legged Stag’s Barman walks in and shows the group a wanted poster: all of them except Senrial are wanted for murder. Spitting their precious honey mead over each other, the group is forced to shift into high gear and to momentarily ignore the black case.

They didn’t kill anyone… did they? Takida and Dojo are still missing… Perhaps they killed someone? Senrial decides to investigate at the Bounty Office while Bakir, Renaldo and Thoraro look for a change of clothes to better disguise themselves.

It seems that they are accused of not one, but three murders! These are noted as having taken place in Rose Alley, a popular side street filled with whores, Kergens Cradle, a filthy apartment building in Scurvytown and the wharves in the Dock district.

Our adventurers take the day to investigate, and quickly realize that the evidence points towards one murdered, not 5. It’s clear whoever is framing them isn’t putting much effort into it. The make their way to the wharves and find our that the guard’s mutilated body was found next to a ship called the Narwhale. Attempts to speak with the crew yields very little, and frustrated the group continues their investigation elsewhere.

Further investigation leads them to think that the murders are not so random. An old journal found in a guard’s apartment seems to indicate that the victims are all related by one central event: a night that took place some 80 years ago during the Back Alley War and involved four distinct people.

Investigating these murdered people at the Municipal Records Office reveals that since the murders took place, only one descendant of these four people is still alive: Uri Tassovar, a shopkeeper who owns a house/shop next to the now empty Knorbertal shop. The group quickly makes their way to the Tassovar house hoping to stop the next murder but they are too late. As they are surveying the building, Beedle, looking possessed, walks into Tassovar’s shop and murders Uri before the group has a chance to stop him.

No longer possessed, Beedle looks around and is terrified of what he sees and flees into the night. Renaldo investigates the murder scene and take the murder weapon, a dagger with an emerald in its pommel.

Senrial chases after Beedle but before he can get to him, sailors first seen on the Narwhale abduct Beedle and take him away.

The group decides it’s high time they got answers from the Narwhale and its crew and set out to get answers. Things get dicy, “words” are exchanged, people murdered and in the bowels of the ship they find a man in white, named O’Takan Farastay performing a demonic ritual on Beedle’s unconscious body. They quickly disarm O’Takan and bind him just as the Watch appears and takes matters into their hands.

Everyone is taken to jail until matters are sorted out. While there weren’t many witnesses, it’s hard to argue against a demon summoning ritual. The group explains how they were not the murderers, how this man in white orchestrated this scheme. The watch believes them, if only to resolve matters as quickly as possible. Demon summoning is taken seriously, and it seems O’Takan’s fate is sealed.


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