Session 2

Day 2 in Freeport

The gang wakes up at the crack of noon to find that Dojo and Takida have already left the room. There is a note on the bedside table and it reads:

“Top of the mornin’ my most precious of sirs. Takida and I have some things we need to look into, we should be back in a coupla days. We’ll attempt to rejoin you here. – Dojo”

A quick knock at Senrial’s door gives no answer. The lazy slob must be sleeping in.

And so, Thoraro, Renaldo and Bakir decide that they better continue their investigation into the famous Knorbertal black case, or something or other.

Once at the Municipal Auction house, the posted schedule indicates that the Knorbertal Estate auction already took place, and that the next auction, the Johnson Estate auction, is to take place at 2pm that very same afternoon.

“What a stroke of good luck!” says Thoraro, “We’ll get to attend the auction and get a peek at the one and only case in Freeport!”

Sure enough, a few hours later a purple velvet case is purchased by an elf. The gang decides to follow the elf back to a fine establishment called the Iron House.

Stepping inside, they meet the resident blacksmith who is working away at his smithie. Idle chat leads to the next thing, and before you know it Thoraro is attempting to cast Charm at our friend the blacksmith. Seeing the beginning of a rune in the air, the blacksmith runs towards the ridiculously large front counter, under which he stows his faithful (loaded) crossbow.

“THAWNG” makes the crossbow!

“SPLOOSH” makes Thoraro’s chest!

A split second later, Bakir menacingly whips about his Scourge at the air and walks out in disgust at the ridiculously large counter. It’s at this point that our adventurers decide they should probably try to defuse the situation. To everyone’s surprise, Senrial steps in to take charge of the situation. It seems he has been following his buddies since they left the Municipal Auction house.

A quick huddle later, they decide that launching Renaldo (our specialist acrobat) onto the roof of the Iron House would be the second best idea. The first one being to cast a spell in plain sight.

Surprisingly, this goes off without a hitch. Perhaps it is due to the soothing yet commanding presence of Senrial who decides to distract the shop owner while Renaldo infiltrates the building through the second floor window. The important thing is that our group now has the highly coveted purple velvet box.

The group, minus Senrial, makes their way to a black dark alley and uncover their EPIC loot: a pewter ring and a small parchment scroll. After having smoothed things over with the owner of the Iron House, Senrial takes the long way back to the inn to ensure that no one links him to the rest of the party.

Honorable until the end, the group decides to bring this treasure to Beedle who told them to meet him at the Chumhouse, a house of scum and villainy. However, once at the Chumhouse, Beedle is nowhere to be found. At this point, Thoraro has had enough of this whole situation and decides to put the ring on. The ring instantly melds to his finger and skin. Freaking out, Thoraro holds out his hand for everyone to see and proceeds to lose his shit.

As he is starting to attract a crowd, the bones of a dead dog start moving and reforming into a body. The crowd is disgusted and one sultry fellow curb stomps our dear bonefide Fido into bits and pieces. Luckily, no one seems to link Thoraro to this act of Necromancy.

Deciding they’ve had enough adventures for the day, the group makes their way back to the Three Legged Stag and accept to do a job for the barman in exchange for a night’s stay.

Interested in the parchment found in the case, Bakir spends some time studying it and figures that it must be quite the old piece of parchment since it seems it was printed with old Dwarven technology. Bakir and the barman discuss the different ramifications throughout the night and become friends.

Day 3 in Freeport

The following morning, the barman shows the group what they are required to do: it seems that some kobolds have been marauding beneath the Freeport docks and have made a hole leading inside the Three Legged Stag’s basement. Our gang fixes things up all nice like while Thoraro keeps bleeding from his crossbow wound. The barman nods, seemingly satisfied with the day’s job, nothing like a good day’s honest work!

A moan from Thoraro makes the group realize that his condition is probably getting worse. Thanking his lucky stars that he’s still in a relatively good shape, Thoraro heads to the nearest temple with the help of his companions and pays a priest a measly sum in order to receive some healing.

Once again, the group returns to the inn and approach Regis, the owner of the Three Legged Stag, to get a job. He gives them a critical look, from Thoraro’s blood stained clothes to Bakir’s effeminate posture, and decides to give them a job cleaning up an alley that has been infested with bums and homeless dwarves for over 6 months. This won’t be a dignified job, but anyone with a shovel should be able to get it done.

Once in the shit filled alley, Bakir successfully convinces one bum to help the group clean up. After a few hours of unbelievably filthy work, Bakir spots Beedle walking down a back alley and decides to chase him down. After catching up, Bakir tackles Beedle to the ground and takes a better look at him: It’s not Beedle, but some fellow named Slick who looks almost exactly like him. Slick breaks down crying, begging Bakir not to kill him. Bakir questions Slick and finds out that Slick has no knowledge of the purple velvet case but that he did know that Beedle was looking for a black case that was to be a part of the Knorbertal Estate auction.

Horror dawns on Bakir’s face as he curses his lack of foresight, preparation and most importantly, basic intelligence. For two days, the party has been chasing after the wrong case. Guilt and remorse wrack his body as he thinks back to the moment when Thoraro slipped on the ring. What has he done? What will his newfound friends think of him? He vows to find a way to save his friend from the cursed ring and to hunt down whoever left such a dangerous item unguarded.

Sapped of their will to live by a combination of shit shoveling, quarrel to the chest and the realization that they have been following the wrong case, the gang returns to the inn, lost and without direction.

Spared from this wave of despair, Senrial keeps his sight on the mission at hand. A man of honor would not let such trivial obstacles stop him from completing his mission. He decides to pick up the investigation where the rest of the group gave up. Gathering more information at the Municipal Auction house, Senrial asks the owner to whom a black case might have been sold to. Although the owner cannot recall a black case, he does recount his conversation with a man dressed in white who was looking for a similar case.

Returning to his friends, Senrial discusses his findings and the group (minus Senrial) decides to investigate the Knorbertal house for any clues that would lead to Beedle or this man in white. To do so, the group takes their first step into the Old City district of Freeport. Severely outclassed in both manners and livery, the group wades through streets filled with merchants and minor lords and make their way to the Knorbertal house.

Looking somewhat unkept, the house is completely empty and locked. But this doesn’t stop our friend Renaldo from once again climbing up on the rooftop and gaining access through an unlocked window. The building is much the same inside as it seemed outside: empty. But… what’s this? A loose brick you say? Using their combined wit and a much sharper dagger, the group tease out the loose brick and find a small latched box containing 15 lords. Think of the things this could buy! Well, not very much, but… KNOCK KNOCK, says the door.

Was the group sloppy? Did someone notice them going into the Knorbertal House? This could be a good time to make their escape through the back door, but all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, doesn’t it? And so, an invisible Renaldo decides to play around with this new comer by opening and closing the door in front of him. This takes its toll on our poor guest and unable to contain his breeches any longer, our frightened guest takes his leave and returns home.

Laughing their way back to the Three Legged Stag, Renaldo pockets the 15 lords and prays they can finally find Beedle or his case on the morrow.


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