Session 13

Back to Freeport

The group makes its way back to Freeport.

They join up with Bakir, who now has a following, has rebuilt the Giant Counter Inn and murdered a necromancer. Bakir’s ego is out of control, something Thoraro deals with.

They do a bunch of errands in town (buy stuff, identify stuff, etc.)

Soon after their return, a cloaked figure approaches them and offers them an interesting job opportunity. the lead of House Leland wishes to dine with them tonight.

Arriving at the Leland Manor, the group finds out they were invited under false pretense. They are asked to complete a job: clear the crypts of the necromantic magic that holds it hostage.

In need of cash and prestige, the group agrees and goes down inside the crypt level 1 and 2.


Boby Boby

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