Session 11

Once the rope bridge is repaired, the group makes its way towards the bottom of the basin. Agorn promises this is where they’ll find riches.

On the way over, the group encounters a trio of warrior dwarves chasing a giant snake. They steer clear.

Trudging onward on this small beaten path they come to a small encampment. No one’s home. Thoraro steals a bunch of crispy fish.

The path leads downwards, towards a beach. On the beach, they find a local jungle dweller who “agrees” to lend them his skiff after Thoraro convinces him.

They take the skiff to the shipwreck in the middle of the basin. On it, Thoraro questions Agorn extensively. So extensively that he bends and breaks something in Agorn’s mind.

Somewhat satisfied with Agorn’s answer that what they seek is inside the shipwreck, they head below deck.


Boby Boby

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