Session 10

The Rundown

Following the destruction of the local population of kobold and snakemen, the gang follows the only path leading to an old crumbling temple.

Before making their way inside, they meet a joly Orc bard by the name of Tudark. He agrees to help the group for his fair share of the Treasure once Thoraro persuades him.

Inside the temple, tentacle rape traps prove to be too much for Himura Kenshin.
Renaldo causes no end of trouble, triggering an old magic vision.

A few shenanigans later, they find Agorn, son of Groden Humblefist. Who tells them that he knows the location of an ancient treasure.

They make their way out of the temple, bent on repairing an old broken rope bridge with newly found supplies.


Boby Boby

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