Session 1

The adventure starts with our group on their way to Freeport by way of ship. The ship they’ve “chosen” is called the Leaky Bitch and is captained by Roger. Down on his luck, Roger accepts to take Bakir, Senrial, Dojo, Takida, Thoraro and Renaldo to Freeport for a fraction of a normal fare. This rag tag group of people are heading to Freeport for a various number of reasons, but most boil down to this: They want to escape their old lives.

On their way to Freeport, the ship is attacked by Sea Slugs, mindless sea creatures feared for their ability to dissolve wood. Bakir is quick to bring about the utter and righteous destruction on these heathen slugs, dispatching all but one of them who is promptly hacked apart by Senrial. For his heroic efforts, the Captain gives Bakir a jug of fine Pirate Rum and celebrates the victory.

Shortly after the melee and during the ensuing confusion, Takida decides to take a look around the ship and finds a note in the Captain’s quarters:

Second Sundas of First Seed
I was not born for this. Woe is quite literally becoming me as my gambled fortune crumbles around my feet. Finn has been kind enough to lend me some money at a friend’s rate … (badly scribbled text)

First Fredas of First Seed
Gortha is incredible! He singlehandedly defended a shipment of spices from a pirate attack. And after years of indecision, I have decided to make him a partner. He is smart, strong and loyal. I should not be so quick to despair, there is hope.

Third Middas of First Seed
Gortha is a THIEF, A LIAR, A SCUM, A VILLAIN AND A FORNICATOR OF KOBOLDS. He has stolen everything. My investment is gone, and with it my life. I must meet with Finn to explain why
(Water damage has made this part illegible)

The rest of the voyage is uneventful until the Leaky Bitch finally makes it to the docks of Freeport. A storm is brewing and the band is cowering in the hold when suddenly they hear screaming and yelling from up on the deck. They decide to investigate by rushing the deck and are quick to find out that they have company. Shortly after mooring, a few thugs rushed on the ship along with two Hell Hounds that are threatening violence on poor ol’ Roger. Senrial also notices that a Halfling is standing on the docks along with what appears to be a few other humans. An attempt to talk with the Halfling is met with silence. Meanwhile, Roger warns his attackers to step no further. His warning goes unheeded.

Being a man of his word, Roger summons a hellish fiend from the plane of Hell in an attempt to gain the upper hand. However, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the fiend immediately turns on Roger and crushes his head like a rotten melon. Even the most initiate of extra-planar summoners knows that it takes hours of preparation to successfully summon such a creature. Suddenly freed from its shackles, the fiend turns its wolfish gaze on the flock of sheep. On the docks, the Halfling and his posse react quickly and unmoor the ship, letting it float away from the docks, and effectively stranding our adventurers.

The rest happens quickly, and many scholars will argue about the exact version of events that took place that night. Was it bravery or cowardice that drove Dojo to attempt an impressive six foot jump to reach the docks? asks Fenrir Bookborn, who goes on to insist that it was bravery, citing over a hundred books addressing this polarizing personality. A later work featuring a whopping ten books on Finn the Halfling will recount that Finn himself was immensely impressed by Dojo’s graceful acrobatic feat.

Following Dojo’s graceful lead, most of our adventurers are quick to abandon the ship though through slightly less graceful means. However, one refuses to leave before everyone is at a safe distance. With determination in his eyes, Senrial takes up his blade and challenges the other-worldly being. However, it soon becomes clear to him that even an experienced fighter like himself cannot keep up with the unyielding fiend. Fully understanding the perils of swimming with plated armor, Senrial leaps off the ship and successfully rejoins his gang of friends, leaving the Demon on the Leaky Bitch.

As one of the surviving thugs flees the docks, Dojo plants one of his specially marked ninja stars on the unsuspected thug.

Now stranded in Freeport without the guidance of Roger and without allies, our adventurers are approached by a surprisingly disgusting young human going by the name of Beedle. This young fellow, having seen their scuffle on the docks, finds them suitable for the job of retrieving of a particular object. A case, he says, containing an object worth at least 1000 lords, of which he’ll give our adventurers 40%. After a quick discussion, our adventurers accept and begin their quest to find Beedle’s Case.

It isn’t long before Dojo loses his temper over a trivial racial insult. Being a reasonable Hafling, Dojo throws a ninja star at the offender. Already, the dock workers whisper of a Halfling with enough scrotes to challenge a Human. Maybe, they think, such a Halfling needs to be brought down a peg. After all, Halflings have been castrated for much less.

Deciding to concentrate on their quest, they decide their best lead is the Municipal Auction House, where Beedle assured them the case would be sold to the highest bidder and in less than twelve hours. The find the auction house to be heavily secured by 20 foot high walls, and deciding that it would be better tackled in the daylight. After a quick huddle, the adventurers decide it is time to hit the proverbial sack, and get some well deserved rest and relaxation.

Of course, what should have been a simple enough task turned into trouble when Thoraro decided to talk up a local drunk, Regis, and failed to heed repeated warnings to leave his table. Smashed in the face by Regis’s regal cup, Thoraro gets a lucky break when Senrial steps in to smooth things over. However, Regis insists Thoraro be ejected from the premises.

Everyone but Senrial decides to take pity on Thoraro “Asperger” Larsen and follows him to another inn, where they are offered one room. Being the rich adventurers that they are, they promptly refuse and return to the Three Legged Stag.

Returning to the Three Legged Stag, they find Senrial sitting at Regis’s table, having a jolly old time while Bakir, the group’s resident priest, decides this is the right time to convert drunkards to his religious cause.

Thoraro decides that it would be best to cover his face to ensure that no one recognizes him. He follows this wise decision by engaging the barman in a conversation. Quickly realizing who he’s speaking with, the barman waves over to Regis, to let him know of the trespassing fool. Quick on his feet, Thoraro performs a highly illegal spell and Charms Regis. Usually anything but docile, Regis suddenly becomes extremely amiable towards Thoraro, raising the barman’s suspicions that something is afoot. This wouldn’t be the first time the barman has seen a Charm spell in action. Giving them one last warning, the barman reaches for an item in his pocket with a determined look in his eyes. Thoraro tries to defuse the situation, and the barman mentions that a sizable bribe could make this go away. They settle on the amount and the adventurers finally make their way to their rooms at 4:45 am.


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