Session 8


Himura Kenshin, met up with Renaldo in Freeport, soon after his arrival.

In the past session, the gang stumbled on Nazgul, a weird mushroom collector and powerful wizard. He’s decided to join the crew as they are bound to be adventuring near mushrooms.

Session #7 Review

The gang woke up from a quiet, restful sleep. Feeling as if years had gone by in one simple night. Soon after waking up, they discovered a few snake men had come through the crack in the torture room’s floor. Dispatching them easily, the gang thought it best to continue their search of the sewers in an effort to get rid of the slytherin pest.

Bashing a few snake men’s skulls, the gang proceeds into a weird room where they encounter a dog being eaten alive by spiders. Nazgul decides to torch them all (dog included) and incurs the wrath of the broodmother. A cool fight ensues. And they find a bunch of cool loot.

The minotaur, Rutherford Gloryhunter, a lab experiment gone incredibly right, and self named from reading tall tales in a few books, is excited to bring his family to the surface. He’s asked Thoraro to think of a way to make this happen.


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